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Morning Message


Please click on the buttons above to go to the appropriate pages for the lesson materials. If you need the link for Teams to join the meetings, you can click on that to the right.

There is much more to school than just reading, writing, and math! See below for some excellent resources and activities.

First up, Mme Crobez is hosting "Lunch with the Librarian" every day from 12:00-12:30. Click this link to join the Teams meeting and enjoy a good story (or two!) while you eat.

Secondly, we are super lucky to have Miss Thorlakson continuing to deliver top-notch music lesson at a distance! Our class's lessons will be posted on Thursdays, right here.

Finally, with all of the additional sitting and working on computers that we'll be doing for the next little while, getting up and getting active has never been so important! Here is a fantastic choice board to give you some ideas to get outside and get active. You can click the links right inside the PDF for more information about some of the activities.